January Beginnings

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's been so long...But I'm still here.  Working on new things for the new year.  Here are a few, with their stories.  I hope you had a lovely New Year~






On my long walks in the forests this past summer, I became intrigued with the way the fines and roots of trees wrapped themselves around, well, everything. Trees, stumps, antler, bits of branches that had found their way to the forest floor, other plants... all were enfolded in the embrace of these vines. It's as if the forest was hugging herself, holding herself and treasuring every part of her. I decided this needed to be captured in Silver.

 Suddenly, I Could Fly

I closed my eyes
found sleep
and I slept
for what seemed
a thousand years
When I awoke
gossamer wings
...enfolded me
I raised my head
to view the sky
....suddenly I could fly




Suddenly, I Could Fly

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