The Things I've Seen

Friday, February 24, 2012
Scenes from the past week

My Baxter. His hair is getting out of hand. Really.

Lunch with Sara, reminiscing and getting hysterical over ginger tea (seriously, this place has THE best ginger tea), and gazing at the ceiling. It always fascinates me.

Later in the week, lunch with Ernie and his famous cowboy hat.  We talked about the state of the country, guns, survival gear, clashed over global warming then rounded it off with a discussion on airport security measures .  Always light conversation between us.  Just the way we like it.

Spring is springing y'all

I hope your week has been super, amazing, awesome, goodness.




  1. Lovely photos...that Baxter needs to relax! xx

  2. Thanks MLJ! And yes, Baxter needs to relax. But I have the furminator up my sleeve :-)


I appreciate your words!