Wednesday, May 11, 2011
 On my way out to the backgarden yesterday, this greeted me:

A moment of love between my two boys...who can usually be found chasing each other frantically or playing racer kitty through the house.  They are truly brothers~

Roses from my yard....  the reddest.  Their scent is downright heady now. 

From Ernie and his magnolia tree. Blossom. It was closed this morning and has been opening gradually all day.

And Wednesday has come and is leaving swiftly...I hope yours has been thrilling~


  1. you are the luckiest woman on earth Adrienne! xo

  2. Awww look at those snugly buddies and blooms life is rich! xo

  3. Beautiful.
    Lucky you...
    Happy weekend!

  4. i have a set of boy dogs that are always laying next to each other or playing. cute to watch! the eyes are your cats are amazing.

    oh how i love the flower blooming everywhere


I appreciate your words!